Class Prep for Nov. 15th: The Central Dogma

central_dogma_gate copy

To prepare for class on November 15th, please read one of the following:

  • EO Wilson’s Life on Earth chapter 10
  • Raven’s Biology 15.1-3, 15.6-9 and
  • OpenStax Biology 14.2-4, 15.1-2, 15.5

Then look over these slides on the Central Dogma. Please note that if you are reading Biology by Raven or OpenStax you’ll need to use other sections of the textbook or additional resources (such as the slides from previous years or Wikipedia) to get familiarized with the basics of chromosomes.

Also, these animations may be helpful (there are versions of these in EO Wilson’s Life on Earth).


Reading For Oct. 24th: Cell Biology

raven biology 9th ed, coverTo prepare for class next week, read

  • chapter 4 of Biology by Raven, et al.,
  • chpaters 4 and 5 in OpenStax Biology, or
  • chapter 5 and sections 6.1 & 6.2 in EO Wilson’s Life on Earth (which are in Unit 2).

Note the function each organelle has and the key differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Also, what are the key components of the plasma membrane?

Class Prep for Oct. 11th

raven biology 9th ed, coverNow that we’ve wrapped up our discussion of basic chemistry, please read the biological macromolecules section of your textbook to prepare for class discussion next Tuesday; that’s

  • chapter 3 in OpenStax Biology,
  • chapter 3 in Biology by Raven et al.,
  • or section 3 of chapter 2 in EO Wilson’s  Life on Earth.

Please note that EO Wilson’s Life on Earth has considerably less detail on this topic, so make sure that you’re able to get a handle on the key terms (which will be posted soon) through another resource if needed. Once again, there may be a reading quiz.

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