Key Terms for The Central Dogma

Chromosomes (Autosomes, Sex Chromosomes)
Genes, Gene Expression
Genetic Test
DNA Polymerase
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Class Prep for Nov. 22: Genes, Proteins and Genetic Testing

NPR logoTo prepare for class on Nov. 22nd, please listen to the two news stories below and work through the questions below to gain familiarity with some important concepts of the Central Dogma. Be prepared to share your responses to these questions during class discussion!

NPR: From Kale To Pale Ale, A Love Of Bitter May Be In Your Genes

  • What is a gene?
  • What is a taste receptor?
  • How do different genes result in different experiences in tasting bitterness?

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Class Prep for Nov. 15th: The Central Dogma

central_dogma_gate copy

To prepare for class on November 15th, please read one of the following:

  • EO Wilson’s Life on Earth chapter 10
  • Raven’s Biology 15.1-3, 15.6-9 and
  • OpenStax Biology 14.2-4, 15.1-2, 15.5

Then look over these slides on the Central Dogma. Please note that if you are reading Biology by Raven or OpenStax you’ll need to use other sections of the textbook or additional resources (such as the slides from previous years or Wikipedia) to get familiarized with the basics of chromosomes.

Also, these animations may be helpful (there are versions of these in EO Wilson’s Life on Earth).

Key Terms for Biological Macromolecules

We’ll be wrapping up our introduction to biological macromolecules soon. Here are the terms you should be familiar with for this part of the course.

Skeletal Structure
Dehydration Synthesis
Nucleotide Continue reading Key Terms for Biological Macromolecules