No class on Apr. 1st, Exam on Apr. 8th

There will be no class meeting on April 1st. Instead, please do the following:

  • Review the cell biology, the Central Dogma and genetics material that has been covered; you may find it helpful to look at old exam questions.
  • Take this quiz to assess your understanding of the key terms.
  • Based on these, bringing any questions you have on these recent parts of the course to class on Wednesday, April 3rd.

On April 3rd we will review for an exam on cell biology, the Central Dogma and genetics with the aim of having the exam on Monday, April 8th.

Exam Guidelines

The exam will cover Scientific Inquiry & Properties of Life, Chemistry and Biological Macromolecules as well as the syllabus & professionalism. Anything that has been discussed during class could appear on the exam.

As mentioned in class, there are two parts to the exam: the paper version and the electronic version. You will first work on the paper version, then switch to the printed version. Once you have completed the paper version, let the instructor know; you will then have 30 minutes to work on the electronic version. You may take a five minute break in between if you would like. After you have completed the electronic version, check with the instructor to confirm that your exam has been successfully submitted.

For both versions, you may use any handwritten or printed notes; if you want to use any notes you’ve typed, be sure to print them out. You may also use worksheets from class. You may not use old exams, the textbooks or internet resources beyond the course blog. For the electronic version of the exam, be sure you have a device that can connect to the internet. A smartphone will work, but you might find a larger screen and full-sized keyboard helpful.  Continue reading Exam Guidelines