Naturalist Perspectives Challenge: How Much Has Changed?

img_5194Now that it’s been a good while since you first visited sites Alpha, Beta and Gamma, this is a good time to see how much they’ve changed as we head toward winter.

  1. Visit sites Alpha, Beta and Gamma and take some time to observe.
  2. Conduct an observation transect at each site, noting anything new or different along the transect.
  3. Record all your observations in your notebook, as always including with Date & Time, Location and Weather Conditions.
  4. At home, compare the transects you’ve just performed to the transects you’ve performed at sites Alpha, Beta and Gamma in the past. What similarities and differences can you find among your observations across places and times?
  5. Determine a way you can effectively summarize these similarities and differences. Can you set up a table or timeline or some other kind of chart to consider how these locations have changed or remained constant over time and how they compare to each other?
  6. Write a blog post that shares what you’ve found in step 5.

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