Class Prep for Nov. 22: Genes, Proteins and Genetic Testing

NPR logoTo prepare for class on Nov. 22nd, please listen to the two news stories below and work through the questions below to gain familiarity with some important concepts of the Central Dogma. Be prepared to share your responses to these questions during class discussion!

NPR: From Kale To Pale Ale, A Love Of Bitter May Be In Your Genes

  • What is a gene?
  • What is a taste receptor?
  • How do different genes result in different experiences in tasting bitterness?

NPR: New Genetic Test Screens Would-Be Parents

  • What is a genetic disease? What is the connection between DNA and protein in a genetic disease?
  • What would the kind of test described in the news story tell parents?
  • What is an allele? What is a mutation? How are they related?
  • Why are only certain populations affected (more heavily) by certain genetic diseases?

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