In Class Nov. 1: Microscope Images & Depictions of Cells

Test some of your cell biology knowledge with these questions…

1. identify (a) what is shown in the images below and (b) what kind of microscope was used to obtain the images? Although there are many kinds of microscopes, we’ll only be concerned with a handful; light microscopes: bright field and fluorescence, electron microscopes: scanning and transmission.
npr: Proposed Treatment To Fix Genetic Diseases Raises Ethical Issues
Why does this image have color?

There’s a lot going on in this image, but consider first the fine filaments and fibers.

What do you think the objects with different colors are? Why do they appear to be glowing with different colors?

Each of the images below shows a cell. Is it prokaryotic or eukaryotic? Why?

by david goodsell
The orange strands running throughout the interior is DNA. Ribosomes are shown in magenta, while phosopholipids are show in light green.



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