In Class Oct. 11th: omega-3s (and trans fats)

Fish_oil_softgelSadly you won’t find them in the PSL, but we should talk about them anyways because “omega-3s” have received a lot of positive attention. Some are contained in the capsule shown here.

  • Of the molecules we’ve seen in chapter 3, what kind of molecule is an “omega-3”?
  • Is the contents of the capsule shown solid or liquid at room temperature? Why?
  • Is an “omega-3” soluble in water?
  • Where in the body is it found after some after ingestion? Why does that make sense based on what you know about the kind of molecule it is?

trans fat, Elaidic acid, skeletal
Recently, trans fats, which were a common ingredient in margarines and shortenings, have received a lot of negative attention. An example of a trans fat is show above.

  • What kind of molecule is this?
  • Is it saturated or unsaturated? How can you tell?
  • Why might it allow or help margarine to be (more) solid at room temperature?

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