Naturalist Perspectives Challenge: Agriculture

wilson-farmAlthough the growing season is (for the most part) winding down, this challenge aims to connect you with local agriculture.

  1. Visit a farm, farmer’s market or community garden in an urban area. Take some time to wander around and enjoy.
  2. Note what you find there.
  3. Look closely at one thing there. For example, if you’re at a farmer’s market, it could be one vendor’s table; if you’re at a community garden it could be one plot.
  4. Of the 4 types of biological macromolecules, which one is particularly evident there? What is one of the specific macromolecules present? What is its particular characteristics and roles? (Note that starch or fiber, for example, is not specific enough; please name one distinct macromolecule, like amylopectin).
  5. Find out what process and/or proteins assembled that macromolecule. Are they unique to a particular organism?
  6. Summarize your results for steps 1 – 5 in a blog post.

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