Naturalist Perspectives Assignment: Identify Your Site Beta

img_0479 It’s time to branch out and look at a new area. For Oct. 11th, find and enjoy your Site Beta by following the steps below.

  1. Listen to the recent TED Radio Hour segment “How Do We Embrace All Kinds Of Nature?” Use the perspectives in the discussion between host Guy Raz and writer Emma Marris to help you (a) pick your Site Beta and/or (b) better understand your Site Beta.
  2. Pick your Site Beta: find a second location, ideally within walking distance of Site Alpha, where you safely and comfortably make observations for a short period of time.
  3. Just enjoy Site Beta.
  4. In your notebook, record your observations, once again starting with Time, Location and Weather Conditions.
  5. On your blog, post a summary of your observations and any reflections upon them. Also include in this blog post connections between your Site Beta and the TED Radio Hour segment you listened to; how did Emma Marris’ perspectives on nature and urban ecology inform your experience of Site Beta?

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