Class Prep for Oct. 11th

raven biology 9th ed, coverNow that we’ve wrapped up our discussion of basic chemistry, please read the biological macromolecules section of your textbook to prepare for class discussion next Tuesday; that’s

  • chapter 3 in OpenStax Biology,
  • chapter 3 in Biology by Raven et al.,
  • or section 3 of chapter 2 in EO Wilson’s  Life on Earth.

Please note that EO Wilson’s Life on Earth has considerably less detail on this topic, so make sure that you’re able to get a handle on the key terms (which will be posted soon) through another resource if needed. Once again, there may be a reading quiz.

Key terms are usually defined in the slides on SlideShare which you should be referring to as course materials.

As you do the reading, try to gain some familiarity with biological polymers. See if you can answer these questions.

  • What is a polymer?
  • What are the four kinds of important macromolecules we encounter in our biological world? What are the monomers they are made out of?
  • What are the reactions that assemble and disassemble these polymers called generally (or specifically, if you’d like to go deeper)?

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