Naturalist Perspectives Challenge: Elements and Chemicals in the Landscape

You have two options for this challenge.

A. We haven’t talked about the movement of elements in ecosystems (e.g. the carbon cycle), but try to develop a sense for how non-carbon elements move through and change forms in your Site Alpha or another location. Pick at least 2 non-carbon elements and infer how they might be moving from one organism to another, or one place to another.

img_2945B. Find a place where you can safely identify the presence of a specific molecule; do not visit any areas that will pose health hazards. Determine why is this chemical there, what is the purpose of this chemical and what are its consequences. An example is shown here; while Spy Pond is a nice recreational area (with a playground, walking path, etc.), DDT is present in the water.

As usual, post a summary of your observations, information you’ve collected (from the internet or other resources) and your thoughts on the blog.


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