Naturalist Perspectives Ongoing Challenge: Find a Migration

Fall migration is underway, so see if you can spot a migrating bird, a species that doesn’t live here year-round and is just passing through. If you need some suggestions for how to complete this challenge, again feel free to talk with Prof. Morimoto or check out The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s migration forecast.

  1. Once you’ve found what you believe to be a migrating bird, watch it for as long as possible. If you can, try to take a picture, though that may be difficult.
  2. Record your observations in your notebook, once again starting with
    • Date & Time
    • Location
    • Weather Conditions
  3. ID the bird species using a field guide of your choosing.
  4. Use the information you find on this bird species to determine what migration route it is on. Where do you think it came from? Where is it likely going?
  5. What property or properties of life is this bird’s migration related to? Can you find out what kind of energy expenditure is involved in its journey?
  6. Post a summary of this information on your blog.



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