Naturalist Perspectives Challenge 1: Find a Flowering Plant and a Pollinator

Since there’s still quite a bit in vegetation in bloom at this time of year, your first challenge is to find a flowering plant and at least one pollinator by doing the following.

  1. Pick a flowering plant and conduct observation transect by using it as a starting, mid or end point to your transect. Are there other flowers along this transect? If so, are they members of the same or different species? Note any pollinators you observe.
  2. If you didn’t see any pollinators during your transect, look around the area for them. Or look in a different area. What kind of organisms are they? What are they doing?
  3. In your note book, use inductive and deductive reasoning to further consider what you’ve observed. What can you understand or speculate about the flowers and pollinators and the area they are in with these kinds of reasoning? Give four uses of reasoning, clearly explaining each as inductive or deductive.
  4. In your blog post, share your observations and impressions. Also share your thoughts on what these pollinators might tell you about the area you found them in. Finally, describe your use of inductive and/or deductive reasoning.

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